The digital dumping ground that is your inbox.

A question mark coming out of an opened email letter

4 reasons why and an easy way to create your own.

The custom icons I created on my Light iPhone
My Light iPhone’s new home screen. Made with (surprise) Canva.

Two Medium apps: one for readers, one for writers.

Two drawings, one of the Medium logo and another of a pen with a squiggly writing mark


What if it could choose its own name?

A drawing of the Google Assistant bubble logo

A subscription model would come at a deeper cost.

A hand holding a smartphone, opening the Medium app
Medium, a social network for creating, uses a subscription-based business model.

A lesson from behavioral psychology.

A man scrolls on a phone covering his face
Why do we keep scrolling?

How to organize your student life digitally

School Homepage

Steps to cure your smartphone addiction

My Light iPhone.

Yes, there’s a problem. No, you don’t need a Light Phone.

Also, (but sort of unrelated) Apple’s iPhone SE v. Google’s Pixel 4a

Farmer-philosopher Wendell Berry standing by a pile of chopped wood.
The farmer-philosopher Wendell Berry. Photograph by Guy Mendes. From The New Yorker.


Grant Collins

Mostly tech.

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